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Enow Jong

CEF Vision For 2017
Christ Educational Foundation is a non-governmental, non denominational Organisation under Humanitarian and philanthropic principles. In the Christ Educational Foundation, we’re guided by the belief that everyone deserves the chance to live his or her best life story. Our Vision is to be a leading World-Class Foundation, Organisation, committed to raising a new generation of leaders from poor background to be effective in all fields of Human endeavour. Our Mission is to create knowledge and restore the dignity of the less privileged by educating them scripturally, morally, intellectually with Human Development and Human Capacity, Assisting them to maximise their potentials for a better Cameroon, and the World at large.

We aspire to bring out the greatness that lies in every person. From 2017 onwards, we will work to create opportunities for Cameroonians and for people around the world, to write better stories and build stronger futures for themselves, their families, and their communities
With this vision, I believed we could help an enormous number of people throughout our World; there’s a world full of people out there counting on our support.
With all integrity, I am more committed to the Foundation’s work- but your buy-in is
just as important as mine; that is to say, your gift is an investment in proven solutions for the people who need them most.
As a whole-heartedly committed member of Christ Education Foundation, this work is so important because we recognize the power of one Voice, one Force for change, to make an impact in the life of someone else – and for that impact to ripple outward, often far beyond what anyone initially imagined.

This work is only possible because you also believe that, by supporting the Foundation, we can extend the circle of opportunity so every person with equal chance to succeed.
One thing that makes Christ Education Foundation unique, is our ability to bring people from diverse backgrounds and experiences together to find solutions and solve complex problems through education. By the Grace of God, Christ Educational Foundation would achieve its objectives and meet up with its end time goal. With due respect and humility, Christ Educational Foundation is calling on individuals, groups and organisations within and without our community to donate generously towards the well being of ‘’Christ Educational Foundation’’. God bless you more.

Jong Levis Enow,

Founder/CEO of Christ Education Foundation.

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